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The tools, the technology, the research!

Mercedes Benz owners in Dallas can rest easy knowing their vehicle is in good hands at Cedar Performance. Our staff is trained and equipped to take care of any problem you may have, from in depth technical electrical problems, heavy-line oil leak repairs to routine maintenance and engine performance. Cedar Performance is the home of the Mercedes Benz Expert in Dallas.  We are not only experienced in things we have done before, but paving the way is normal in our facility.  Late model vehicle the other shops can't figure out?  Don't let them charge you to call us.  Call us yourself! 

Mercedes Service and Repair Dallas

Due to utilization of recent technologies with an emphasis on innovation and safety, Mercedes Benz vehicles consistently rank highly among the worlds safest and most reliable vehicles, including other European lines.  The best way to keep that reliability in your Mercedes is to have it properly maintained.  Cedar Performance offers residents of Dallas, Plano, Richardson, Mid-Cities, Fort Worth and surrounding areas a place to have their vehicle serviced by a Mercedes Specialist Service and Repair center.  We conduct hundreds of Assyst+ Service A, B, C, D, etc, services to help maintain the vehicles of our clients. 

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