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BMW Tuning Dallas

Bootmod3 Installation and ECU Unlock

Cedar Performance is proud to be the only authorized Bootmod3 dealer in Texas.  We have used the Bootmod3 platform to tune many of our vehicles.  Although we do offer custom flashes that do not require Bootmod3 licensing, we recommend purchasing the licensing as well as the Agent Device.  Doing so allows features such as WiFi Datalogging, and Reflashing, allowing the end user to flash between a custom map and stock.

Bootmod3 dallas

Bench Tuning and ECU Unlock, OBD Unlock

Because we have the ability to offer custom bench tuning in dallas, we are also able to unlock your ECU to be made-ready for the BM3 tune.  Unlike other shops who will ask you to open leave your car for 3-7 days while they mail your DME (ECU) to somebody else for unlock, we are able to do so in-house and have it done same day!  Call today to have your vehicle unlocked! Virtually all F-Series 6 Cylinder vehicles can now be unlocked via OBD! Call for a quote today.

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